29th April 2022 10.00-14.00, with light lunch.

Location: Woodsmoke Arts, 2 Mill cottage, Preston, CT3 1HG

6 places. Full price £95, Concessions £85.

‘Yoni’ is a Hindu concept that is used to describe the sacred sanctuary of the vulva, vagina & wombA Yoni Steam is the ancient practice of sitting, standing or squatting over a steaming pot of water infused with healing herbs. Yoni steaming can help release energetic and physical imbalances and supports spiritual cleansing, emotional cleansing and healing. 

Yoni (vaginal) steaming can help stabilise irregular cycles, reduce menstrual pain, nourish fertility and reproductive health, release premenstrual tension and support perimenopausal and menopausal changes.

In our workshop you will have the opportunity to learn the therapeutic benefits of a wide range of ingredients used in this ancient ritual and create two bespoke blends to support your wellbeing at home. You will create herbal infusion blends for six home steams. 

We will prepare our herbal infusions on an open fire in the countryside of Kent whilst enjoying a light lunch. The ingredients we use will combine fresh ingredients from the on-site medicinal garden with hand dried and home grown herbs and flowers.

Our yoni steam ritual will take between 10 and 20 minutes. We will wear long skirts and remove knickers, the skirt keeps us warm and comfortable and acts like a ‘tent’, encouraging the herbal steam to rise.  We have a few specialised wooden yoni seats for those that prefer to sit, other options are to stand or squat as we take this ancient ritual together in a beautiful bell tent in the countryside by the fire.  

You will take away:

Two bespoke steam blends for six home steams.

A full guide about the safety, practice and precautions for vaginal steaming.

You will be able to download our yoni steam audio relaxation to listen to during your home steams and will be invited to join our donation based online feminine arts lodge.

Please be aware that yoni steaming is not recommended during pregnancy or if there is a possibility of pregnancy, when you are bleeding, if you have an IUD in situ or if you have a vaginal infection or sores on your vulva.