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Wellness Yoga for Women 

This class is suitable for all women excluding pregnancy. We will combine full body deep relaxed breathing, restorative myofascial stretches with slow core strengthening and a flowing movement sequence with the gentle intention enhancing our digestive, hormonal and pelvic wellbeing. We will also aim to balance our nervous system through nurturing practices.  

Abdominal adhesions, digestive issues, hormonal changes and imbalances, pregnancy and surgery can cause weakness to our abdominal muscles and our pelvic floor. When this area is weak it can affect our vitality and responses to stress. 

We will also consider many of the body changes women experience throughout their lives, the menstrual years, perimenopause, and post menopause and how we can harness these changes to enhance all aspects of our life through guided visualisations and meditations.  

We will incorporate restorative yoga towards the end of our class which is a slow and mindful yoga practice centred around reclined or seated yoga poses to unwind any physical, psychological or emotional tensions and restore our sense of equilibrium. Whilst practising our restorative poses we will combine spiritual wisdom with modern science and mindfulness practices to examine how best to create balance and harmony in all aspects of our lives. 

We will be using zoom and I will offer clear demonstrations of each posture and variations to suit different body shapes, sizes and abilities. I will create time for you to settle into your practice, explaining the benefits of each pose and guide you through breath and mindfulness practices. I will also observe every participant and offer individual coaching tips throughout our class.  

As you join the class you will be unmuted so we can check in, then as we begin I will mute all participants to avoid background noise. This class will be interactive, so I invite you to unmute yourself and raise a hand to if you need to ask a question or need coaching tips to sink into deeper comfort. 

What you need to practice

Some of our main yoga poses will be held for a 5 minutes to facilitate deep cellular release.  We will be using yoga and household props to maintain our comfort throughout our practice.  

You will need to create a warm environment with soft lighting.  

You will need a yoga mat, a soft blanket or two, a comfortable cushion, a yoga brick (two if your hips are tight), a block, a yoga belt and bolster and a device that enables me to see your practice.