Please note: To book this treatment you will be taken to our Breathing Space website. Once there, please select Womb Wellness Treatment (90 minutes) from the drop down.

Womb massage – (approx. 90 minutes – £75). 

Womb massage is a fusion of deep sacral, abdomen and womb massage techniques aiming to address hormonal, reproductive and stress related conditions stored in the pelvis. 

This is a non-invasive external massage which helps to release tension found in twisted and contorted connective tissue of the abdomen and lower back, thereby aiding to clear blockages, bloating, toxic build-up, water and waste retention. This improves the flow of blood and oxygen to all the pelvic tissues. 

Massage encourages internal abdominal and pelvic organs to re-align relieving a variety of organ displacement symptoms. The symptoms of a displaced uterus can be many such as fibroids, fertility challenges, lower back pain, endometriosis, painful and irregular periods etc. Colon displacement can cause IBS and many digestive issues.  

Techniques to release emotional trauma are incorporated within womb massage and stillness is integral so there are pauses for integration and dialogue. If desired I can incorporate a guided journey to help you explore your womb health.  

This massage is not practiced during the first three days of your period.  

If you have a regular menstrual cycle and are trying to conceive you may wish to choose pre ovulation as the optimum time to aid fertility.  

Post ovulation is ideal if you wish to release trauma or to alleviate PMS or painful menses. 

If you are perimenopausal pre ovulation can help to maintain a more regular cycle.  

If you are postmenopausal may still experience the all the healing benefits of a womb massage anytime.  

Post hysterectomy this treatment is beneficial as it works on the energetic or emotional blockages and may help with adhesions or scarring.   

If you are unsure when is your optimum time to book please email me for a zoom consultation. 

A full womb massage takes approximately 60 -75 minutes and a face to face in-depth consultation is required. In follow up treatments a perineal steam is recommended after your treatment and womb massage and perineal steaming can be incorporated into a 90 minute follow up womb wellness treatment.