• Welcome to Innate Wisdom . . .

Innate Wisdom celebrates all transitions and chapters of Womanhood. We offer a specialist range of classes, courses, retreats, trainings, and workshops that all share the gentle intention of helping us to reconnect and trust in our innate wisdom and reach our full potential.   

Our innate wisdom includes our body wisdom, our intuition, our creativity, our natural instincts, our emotions, our insights, and our soul’s purpose. All our offerings aim to rebalance and integrate all our forms of wisdom. We aim to create special memories and moments and share ideas and tools to enhance our individual daily lives. 

Our classes, workshops and courses are supportive, interactive, and fun. At the time of writing (September 2021) we are offering:  

  • Accredited abdominal sacral massage training 
  • Antenatal classes, postnatal and baby yoga, and women’s wellness yoga classes. 
  • Birth preparation, cycle tracking, natural fertility, pelvic care and womb wisdom workshops 
  • Natural pharmacy product making days 
  • Sovereignty and sisterhood course 

The offerings here are available in person at Manor Barn in Canterbury, The Quiet View in Kingston, Canterbury, and Breathing Space Clinic in Broadstairs. These three centres are located in beautiful landscapes and are peaceful and serene spaces for yoga and group work. Our spaces are fully equipped yoga studios and workshop spaces with parking on site or nearby. They all offer plenty of indoor and outdoor space for social interactions. 

Classes and groups are kept small so that all participants can feel safe and supported within a group environment. Our Women’s wellbeing yoga is offered online so you can join from the comfort of your own home.  

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