Sacred Sisterhood and Sovereignty

Sunday 23rd Jan, 27th Feb, 27th March
10:00 to 17.30
The Quiet View, Kingston, Canterbury, CT4 6JQ

In each season we will deepen our spiritual awareness and personal growth through breathwork, crafting and creative expression, guided journeys, movement medicine, processional and sacred ceremonies, relaxation practices, sacred body prayers, self-study, somatic movement practices, therapeutic touch and vibrational medicine.

We can support 8 women in his journey and have four places left. 

The financial exchange is offered with a sliding scale with a monthly payment plan available if needed.

£277 per season for those on low incomes (3 full days fully inclusive of lunch, snacks and all materials)
£299 for those on mid incomes (3 full days fully inclusive of lunch, snacks and all materials)
£366 per season for those on secure incomes (3 full days fully inclusive of lunch, snacks and all materials) Winter Spiral: This spiral is centre around the theme of self regulation and focuses on tools  and practices for healing and growth.  Every day includes plenty of time for journaling and circle work, rooting and grounding, sharing and witnessing each other’s process held in sacred circle. Lunch and all snacks provided.

(When you book online we will just take a £50 deposit.)

DAY 1 Includes:

Therapeutic Soundbath – an opportunity to work more deeply with the Sound. With Gongs, Himalayan Bowls and Therapeutic Percussion

Cranio Sacral Therapy practice – learn how to listen to the body’s wisdom and identify where and what trauma we hold within the body and how to safely allow its expression and release.

Polyvagal Tools and how to induce still points, breathwork and sound for a holistic reset. 

DAY 2 Includes:
Gentle breathwork, movement and voice warmups in preparation for Dragon Shakti

Dragon Shakti – a powerful and insightful holotropic breathwork practice that enables us to reawaken our soul purpose and release all that no longer serves our growth.

Drumming circle which is a powerful, connective, practice

Dragon Dove, a sacred movement practice

DAY 3 Includes:

Chakra Dancing- fun yet powerful movement practice to rebalance our energetic centres.

Ceremony of Old Beliefs – sacred ceremony to release that which no longer serves and make space to call in your authentic desires

Dream Seed Crafting.

Warrior Goddess Movement Practice

We will explore a variety of practices and tools to help release blockages and imprints that limit our potential. Our intention is to develop the courage and insight to raise the frequency of our emotional and psychological vibrations so we can embody our unique potential as a creative, compassionate, wild and wise woman.