You will be introduced to Moving Medicines. A series of group fortnightly sittings over a period of 28 weeks, commencing September 2021 This metaphysical approach to medicine has been brought through to be integrated into a diverse range of existing healing modalities.

Each part of these learnings explore an alchemic approach to working with people based on the principle that people are whole, not broken and that we are all highly influential as alchemists.

You will remember the art of cellular and structural body change and be reminded of the creativity and sharp intelligence of human and planetary make-up and the data contained within.

We will work on the emotional, physical and finer energetics of humanity and nature. Blueprint, Transmutation work, Metaphysical Surgery, Living Library and Earth Work (The Medicine Gardens) and the Continuum Medicine, will all be brought together to create a holistic foundation.

It is vital that we all acknowledge that we cannot dive into such finely tuned work without first understanding our own alchemic history which flows back into ancient times, yet it is in play at this very moment.

The work will be suitable for practitioners working from a holistic perspective. The medical intuitive work will expand beyond the human being and explore nature, the outer systems and the human response.
We will explore all encompassing metaphysics and remember the ancient art of transforming dense frequency into sharpened gold.

Sittings will be fortnightly, online, this will give us the opportunity to share open and informative conversations. Unlike courses previously offered by The Kitchen Table Academy of Metaphysics, I will not be sharing a workbook (Grimoire). Instead we will work with the Spoken Grimoire. You will receive introductory audios for each subject that we will be undertaking.

You will be invited to record our sittings and take notes for your reference.

Each person will be asked to apply techniques that align with their clients throughout the course and to give the feedback from themselves and their client.

Like all KTA courses, this is a pay-as- you-go and a deposit will ensure your place.
If you wish to apply, I would like to meet you on Messenger Video in order for us to ensure that there is a sense of synergy for all.

For further enquiries please use Messenger: Tessa Golding-Clarke.

With much kindness

Tessa Golding-Clarke
The Kitchen Table Academy of Metaphysics