Autumn lodge:  Dates TBC, Sundays in  September, October,  November
Winter Lodge:  Dates TBC. December,  January, February. 
Spring Lodge:  Dates TBC.  March,  April, 27th May. 
Summer Lodge: Dates June,  July,  August. 

You are invited to join me for a season at a time in a reflective journey to honour and deepen our feminine awareness, wellbeing and wisdom. Our gatherings will take place once a month on a Sunday, 10am to 1600, at the Quiet View, Kingston, Canterbury. Our venue is secluded with wonderful views over the Kent countryside.

Each day will incorporate 4 practices to mirror the phases of the moon and changing seasonal energies. These practices will include:

  1. Mindfulness, breath, sound and somatic movement practices.
  2. Creative musings and reflective practice.
  3. Feminine Arts wellbeing practice
  4. Ritual to anchor our self reflections, insights and set new intentions.

I can support 8  women in this journey. The financial exchange per season (3 full day lodges is  £260 concessions, £300 full price. Payments can be monthly in advance if required.  

Full details: Our practices. 

  1. Mindfulness, breath, and somatic movement practices. 

I will be offering a different centring and grounding practice, bringing us into the present moment ach lodge .  My own personal journey with this type of work began in India in 1993 and I have immersed myself in daily practices ever since. Over the years I have studied and practised aromatherapy, bodywork, craniosacral therapy, dance, herbal medicine, mantra, mindfulness, meditation, neuroscience, nutrition, shamanic womb awakening and yoga and will offer a different centring and grounding practice, bringing us into the present moment.  

  1. Creative musings. 

We will explore the different faces of goddess through story as an archetype with which to explore different facets of self. As we navigate through our lives various ‘parts of the Self’ are exposed in response to different situations and experiencesIn Jungian psychology, the archetypes represent universal patterns and inherit knowledge and experiences that we share as a species. When we develop our awareness of our archetypal ‘parts of Self’ and integrate these parts we can enhance our awareness, compassion, insights and behaviours towards one another.  

You will be invited to partake in a facilitated free flowing drawing or writing practice as a tool to open communication between your cognitive mind and your intuitive self. Your creations may either be centred around goddess archetype or your personal reflective processes.  

  1. Feminine Arts wellbeing practice.  

We will drawing on the wisdom of nature to support our wellbeing and with a wide variety of feminine arts practices. We will cocreate abdominal packs, acupressure balms, aromatherapy blends, cacao blends, facial masks, flower remedies, hair treatments, herbal infusions, incense, lunar spritzers, nutritional smoothies, yoni steam herbs and many more creations. We will set aside time to enjoy many of our preparations together. 

Aromatherapy oils,  herbs and main ingredients will be provided and you will be able to take and use your creations home. You will be able to forage some ingredients from nature for yourselves. At the beginning of each seasonal lodge you will be sent a list of general household items to bring yourselves. This will be the central practice of each lodge. 

  1. Ritual to anchor our self reflections, insights and set new intentions.  

We will each come together in a ceremony to share our reflections upon our inner work during the previous month. We will also set our intentions for the forthcoming month.  

Any remaining lodge time will be equally divided for feedback,  sharing and witnessing one another.  

Looking forward to our time together,