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Online Interactive Antenatal Yoga 

Mondays 1900-2000 with guided group chat till 2030. 

This seven week term is £49, full price, £42 concessions. 

November 1st,  8th , 15th,  22nd,  29th , December 6th, 13th 

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise during pregnancy and regular practice can help to support and optimise a womans’ physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. You may join this interactive online yoga class from the beginning of your second trimester and are also encouraged to participate in the in-person workshops (massage techniques for labour, the art of antenatal aromatherapy and birth preparation workshops) held every six weeks in Canterbury and Broadstairs, Kent to meet expectant mothers with similar interests and learn new relevant skills.   

In these interactive pregnancy yoga classes, we will incorporate posture work, sequences synchronised with relaxed breathing, breathing techniques, concentration techniques and guided relaxations. Posture work can help to improve overall fitness, strengthen musculature, ease tension, alleviate pregnancy ailments and prepare our body and mind for childbirth and beyond. Hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy can affect our emotions and energy levels, so we can support this journey through breathing and relaxation techniques to relax, re-energise and rebalance.  

We will be using zoom and I will offer clear demonstrations of each posture and variations to suit different body shapes, sizes and abilities. I will create time for you to settle into your practice, explaining the benefits of each pose and guide you through breathing and mindfulness practices. I will also observe every participant and offer individual coaching tips throughout our class.  

As you join the class you will be unmuted so we can check in, then as we begin I will mute all participants to avoid background noise. This class will be interactive, so I invite you to unmute yourself and raise a hand to if you need to ask a question or need coaching tips to sink into deeper comfort. We will unmute ourselves so we can connect after class.  

Following class, I encourage you to ‘share a virtual tea’ and chat and connect with one another to establish support and friendship throughout pregnancy and beyond. I have run womens’ moon lodges and feminine arts groups for many years, and I am skilled in holding safe space for women to share their pregnancy journey. For my qualifications and experience please see my ‘about’ section. 

Everything during birth is unique, and all birth choices, options and experiences are welcomed without judgement. Regardless of how or where we choose to birth our babies, the breathing techniques, visualisations and meditations you will learn in our pregnancy yoga classes can help you to integrate all of your experiences, connect with your baby and honour your sense of self during your transition to motherhood.